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Windows Threats: To keep your Microsoft Windows computer running healthy, update by installing the latest Microsoft security and software patches. These are available free to you as a service from Microsoft. These updates should be accomplished frequently. The following link will take you to the Microsoft Windows Updates web page. Click the "custom updates" link and  then click the "scan now" option to see which updates your computer requires. The critical updates are the most important  to download and install on your computer.  http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/en/default.asp  

Virus Threats: Virus protection is the first and foremost software to be installed and updated on every single computer. We are currently under attack by virus writers. Without virus protection "especially on a Windows based PC" you are placed in a pool of users whom are vulnerable to all Internet viruses. F-Prot is the LD-Networking recommended virus protection software. F-Prot can be purchased from the link below. The price is attractive at 29.00 for a home user covering up to five PC's and 50.00 for corporate users covering up to ten PC's. http://www.f-prot.com/ . If you need to protect only one personal computer, you can download a free antivirus software by Grisoft called AVG-Free for personal use only.  http://free.grisoft.com/softw/70free/setup/avg71free_371a669.exe   

Internet Threats: The Internet today offers valuable resources for business and research purposes. With the freedom of information comes the possibility of Internet attacks by hackers or perpetrators whom want to destroy your computer system. To protect yourself from Internet prowlers download a free copy of Zone Alarm firewall software. Firewall software protects your computer from the 65000 potential TCP & UDP Internet virtual port threats. Click the "Download Now" button from the link below and install the free zonealarm program.   http://www.download.com/ZoneAlarm/3000-10435_4-10346118.html?tag=lst-0-1   

Advertising Threats: While surfing the Internet the pages that you download collect information about you through cookie information and by placing tracking software on your computer to keep an eye on what you do while on the web. This information can be used to send you advertisements via pop-ups etc. To help remove these tracking programs from your computer download the following Ad-Aware software. Click the "Download Now" button from the link below and install the AdAware SE program. http://www.download.com/Ad-Aware-SE-Personal-Edition/3000-8022_4-10319876.html?tag=lst-0-1

Spyware Threats: Spyware is a fairly recent problem found on the Internet. This is an Internet threat that takes information from you by logging your keystrokes and recording this information to a spyware code writers database. This information collecting includes credit card numbers or even worse your identity information that can be used to falsify information about you. A free spyware cleaning utility can be acquired by clicking the following "Download Now" button via the following link. http://www.download.com/Spybot-Search-Destroy/3000-8022_4-10289035.html?tag=lst-0-2

Pop-Up Threats: The Internet pages you download /open contain a hybrid of programming languages or in layman's terms code that allows you to see the graphics and animations. These programming codes can be written to create pop-up windows targeting you for advertising or in a worse case scenario Internet attacks. To block your Internet browser from allowing pop-up windows, install a descent pop-up blocker. The pop-up blocker used by LD-Networking is the Google Toolbar with pop-up protection. You can acquire a free copy from the following website. http://toolbar.google.com/




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